About Canadian Mill Nettclean Supply Inc.

Canadian Mill Nettclean Supply, a multi-faceted company based in Toronto, Canada, manufactures tack cloth using the most modern equipment in our Toronto facility. We strive to introduce to the marketplace unique problem-solving solutions including DC-303 Concrete Floor Cleaner. DC-303 has been manufactured for use on densified and polished concrete floors.

This unique cleaner pulls dirt from the floor surface and refreshes the floor each time it is used. The North American manufacturer of the NFSI recognized anti-slip product Y-Slip Floor Treatment and Actium Daily Maintenance Cleaner, which together help reduce slips and falls on wet floor surfaces, Canadian Mill Nettclean Supply also distributes a complete line of cleaning supplies, electric motors including replacements for Reversomatic fan motors, and entrance matting. Our complete line of wiping cloths includes both cheesecloth based and polyester based tack cloth, bolts of cheesecloth, lint free wipers, solvent resistant wipers, microfiber cloths, and non-woven food service wipers.

Tack Cloth is an impregnated cloth used primarily in the automotive, aircraft, furniture manufacturing and other industries where dust removal is necessary prior to a final finish being applied. We manufacture Tack Cloth wipers in our own facility to our exacting specifications. As a major Canadian manufacturer of tack cloth, we are able to produce tack cloth in a variety of sizes, packaging to meet any requirements. We ship our products across Canada and around the world.

Y-Slip Floor Treatment is a single use anti-slip floor treatment that is effective as a quarry tile and ceramic tile floor treatment. Y-Slip opens up pores in the floor surface, which allows the liquid on the floor surface to enter into the pores when stepped upon, reducing the possibility of slips and falls on wet floors. It is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, kitchens, washrooms, entrance ways, pool areas, shower areas, food preparation plants, stairways and anywhere else where ceramic and quarry tiles may become wet. Actium Daily Maintenance Cleaner is the sister product of Y-Slip. Actium is a residue free cleaner that completely emulsifies dirt and grease. Actium can be used on any floor surface, whether or not Y-Slip has been used to treat the floor surface. Actium helps reduce slips and falls by removing grease, oils and fats and leaving the floor residue free.

Canadian Mill Nettclean Supply is the national distributor for a complete line of electric motors including Canmill fan duty motors, Franklin Electric, Baldor Electric and many other brands. We carry a complete range from condominium replacement fan motors by Nutone and Reversomatic to industrial duty AC and DC motors, including metric, washdown, stainless steel and gear motors.

Our range of cleaning supplies and janitors supplies includes degreasers, food grade hand soaps, mops, brooms, buckets and many more items. For a complete list of items available, please contact us and specify the item you are seeking and your location.