Actium Maintenance Cleaner is a vital part of the ongoing system to reduce slips and falls on wet surfaces. Any floor surface, treated or untreated, whether ceramic, vinyl tile or natural stone, can be made safer by cleaning with Actium on a regular basis.

Actium, the daily cleaner in the two-step slip reduction system, is a unique product that has an unmatched ability to emulsify and suspend grease and dirt and it does not leave a residue film behind after rinsing.

The use of a standard alkaline cleaner will, over time, leave a residue of soap and grease behind, even after rinsing. The dried residue, when activated by a liquid, can cause the floor to become extremely slippery when wet. In many situations such as shower areas and commercial kitchens, Actium is the ideal cleaning product because it will completely remove any residue left behind by other cleaners, bringing the floor back to its original coefficient of friction.

Actium Maintenance Cleaner:

(Download Actium MSDS)