Most ceramic tiles are not manufactured to be slip resistant in wet conditions. In order to obtain a high shine on the floor, the tiles are double or even triple fired during the manufacturing process. The result of this glazing process is that the natural pores in the tile are covered over, and thus any water or other liquid on the surface of the tile has nowhere to go, resulting in an increase in the chances of slips and falls.

Y-Slip Floor Treatment sets a new standard of care in the prevention of slips and falls on wet ceramic tiles. Recognized by the National Floor Safety Institute Y-Slip actually micro-treats the floor, opening up microscopic pores in the tile. When a person walks on the wet floor, the pressure of their foot forces the liquid into the pores so that the person walks on the tile rather than aquaplaning on the liquid. On quarry tile, Y-Slip will dissolve accumulated contamination, which has built up over a period of time due to the use of alkaline cleaners, in one treatment. It effectively acts as a super decontaminant, rather than as a micro-treating agent.

Simple and safe to use when the treatment instructions are followed, Y-Slip is sprayed on the floor surface using a standard pump-up sprayer. It is left on the floor for a few minutes (the time varies for each floor but typically averages 5 - 7 minutes) and then the surface is cleaned with Actium Maintenance Cleaner. Once this is done, the floor is immediately ready and safe to walk on. Please note that a slight discolouration of the tile is possible and the product must be tested on a small area prior to general use. The anti-slip feature will last between one and three years depending on traffic and cleaning patterns. A single 3.78 litre (1 U.S. gallon) bottle will cover up to 500 square feet. Y-Slip comes with simple instructions so that anyone can apply the product.

(Downloads – Y-Slip MSDS and treatment instructions)