Baldor Electric

Ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical and other applications where motors are regularly exposed to high pressure wash down, these motors feature moisture sealant on bolt heads between frame and endplates, neoprene gaskets and double sealed ball bearings. In addition, all Washdown Duty Motors have a stainless steel shaft, electrostatically applied epoxy finish and Class "F" insulations. Motors are available in either single phase or three phase. For food processing areas where paint ships might be a concern, a special "paint-free" washdown duty motor is available. As well, an all stainless steel motor is available for highly corrosive environments. Gear Motors A wide selection of AC and DC gear motors, both parallel (inline) and right angle are vailable in horsepowers ranging from 1/50 – 1/2 horsepower are available from stock. These motors are ideals for use on conveyors, packaging machines, machine tools and laboratory  equipment. They are suitable for either horizontal or vertical  mounting and are reversible and continuous duty. In addition, one of the industries widest varieties of worm gear reducers, including washdown duty reducers are available with only a minimum lead time. Direct Current Motors The largest range of stock  DC motors in the industry, Baldor Electric manufactures everything from fractional horsepower to 500 horsepower. Explosion Proof, Washdown Duty and Metric motors are just some of the speciality items which are available from stock. A complementary line of tach generators and speed controls, both chassis mount and NEMA enclosed, are also available from stock. Inverter Drive and Vector Drive Motors Baldor Adjustable Speed Drive A.C. Motors have proven themselves in many tough applications  found in today’s industrial environment. Featuring Inverter Spike Resistant wire to resist transient spikes, high frequencies and short rise time pulses produced by inverters and vector drives, these motors allow for longer life, reduced downtime and better overall value than standard motors. Inverter Drive motors are available from stock in a range from 1/2 to 200 horsepower and are ideal for use on applications such as conveyors, pumps, fans and material handling equipment not requiring full torque at low or zero speed.

Baldor’s A.C. Vector Drive motor applications include test stands, material handling and packagin equipment and printing presses. They ae ideal for operations which require adjustable base speed with full torque from zero to base speed and constant horsepower to maximum speed. They are available  in a range from 1 to 500 horsepower.

Both Inverter Duty motors and Vector Drive motors are available in Washdown Duty in a range from 1 to 20 horsepower. Inverter Duty motors are also available in an Explosion Proof design.
Baldor has developed a new keypad common to all of its controls which will allow the operator to enjoy the flexibility expected in today’s controls while still being easy to operate. Baldor includes twelve keys on the keypad which depress so you "feel" that you have pushed them, reducing operator error. They have also included a 32 character English "alphanumeric" display which simplifies operating, programming and monitoring, eliminating errors caused by working with complex parameter numbers and codes. The removable keypad is designed to allow it to be removed from the main control and mounted in a convenient location while the keypad remains near the operator for ease of use. Conterols are available in a wide range of enclosures and for the complete range of Baldor products – DC, Inverter Duty and Vector Drive.
Baldor Electric not only has a line of three phase standard efficiency motors which meet EPAct regulations and ranges from 1/8 to 800 hp but also has a line of Super-E high efficiency motors, ranging from 1 hp to 2500 hp, which consistently top the list of effieciency for all motor manufacturers across the entire product line. All Super-E motors are balanced to half of NEMA’s allowable vibration levels and are wound with ISR Inverter Spike Resistant magnet wire, allowing Baldor to offer a three year warranty.

Baldor Electric also offers one of the industry’s widest range of specialty motors including: