Food Manufacturing Facilities

Bacteria Know No Boundaries

The major challenge facing food production companies is how to avoid bacterial degradation of the quality of the food. Recent history has provided multiple examples of the hazard posed by cross-contamination, where bacteria spreads from one place in production to another, that has resulted in expensive recalls and damage to the value of the brand. Canadian Mill Supply understands the importance of preventing problems before they begin by following proper HACCP guidelines, including the use of colour coded cleaning tools and C.F.I.A. registered products. As a proud distributor of the Vikan Hygiene System®, as well as other manufacturers that specialize in the production of items specifically intended for use in food production facilities, we are able to respond to the requirements that are unique to these facilities.

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Proud Distributors of Quality Vikan Products

Vikan is a world leader in the production of brushes, scrapers, squeegees and handles for use in cleaning tables & equipment and floors, HACCP and quality management compliance and effective cleaning in a single system. The Vikan hygienic colour-coded range is designed to improve a company's internal hygiene control, and to make it easier to maintain their HACCP and quality management systems and comply with internal/external hygiene audits.
With tools made of FDA compliant materials and materials which meets the requirements of EC regulation 10/2011/EC regarding food contact materials for use in food production areas that are available in up to eight colours (green, blue, red, white, yellow, black, purple and orange), this colour-based system supports an effective but simplified cleaning procedure that is particularly relevant for employees who may not share the same first language.
Fully colour-coded cleaning tools minimize the risk of cross contamination between different areas of the factory. They also motivate hygienic behaviour as it has been shown that using tools with coloured backs and bristles promotes staff confidence, and a greater inclination to regularly use and then replace the tools correctly.
Vikan provides a free colour-zoning service for customers as part of the hygiene system program. Dividing the production premises into visually separated zones based on activity, and assigning each zone its own colour of cleaning tools and hanging brackets, can eliminate the most fundamental cause of cross contamination. Missing and dirty tools or those needing to be replaced are easily identifiable, while 'borrowed' or misplaced tools can be spotted immediately and removed from the zone.


VIK7044 – Stiff Scrubbing BrushStiff Scrubbing Brush

Specially developed for cleaning of small areas, pressing the filaments hard towards the floor enables you to clean into corners and the area where the wall and floor meet.

VIK7041 – Stiff Waterfed Scrubbing BrushStiff Waterfed Scrubbing Brush

Waterfed deck scrub brush that is suitable for all areas. Effective water distribution makes this brush ideal for use in heavily soiled areas.

Hi â Low Brush
VIK7047 – Hi – Low Brush

The angle of the brush head makes cleaning under machines and equipment easier.

VIK5660 – DustpanDustpan

A solid dustpan which fits closely to the surface, it is available in six colours to help control movement of items between departments within the facility.


VIK7070-VIK7073 – Single Blade SqueegeeSingle Blade Squeegee

The single blade design provides ease in cleaning while still serving to effectively remove liquids. Available in 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 700 mm lengths.


VIK7712-VIK7715 – Double Blade SqueegeeDouble Blade Squeegee

The double blade allows this squeegee to be particularly effective for the removal of liquids and food remains. Unlike sponge rubber, which is not FDA approved for use in food production facilities, the rubber squeegee allows for a higher focus on food safety. Available in 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and
700 mm lengths. The Double Blade Squeegee is also available with a revolving neck in order to facilitate access to hard to reach areas.

VIK7037 – Tank Brush
Tank Brush
Developed specifically for use in cleaning tanks, vats and other containers in food production facilities, these brushes measure 95 mm x 135 mm x 210 mm. They are available with either a stiff or a medium bristle.


VIK3089 – Medium Utility Brush
Medium Utility Brush
A solid, universal brush that is suitable for every task from cleaning of heavily soiled machinery to scrubbing down equipment.


VIK5370 – Medium Tube Cleaner
Medium Tube Cleaner
One of a wide variety of tube, pipe and bottle cleaners that are available with different lengths of handles and bristles, width of bristles and either a standard or a flexible handle. All tube cleaner handles are stainless steel.

Vikan Handles
Vikan Handles
Available in a wide range of construction, including fibre glass, aluminum, and stainless steel in various lengths, the ergonomically correct handles have comfortable grips, rounded tops and holes for hanging. Waterfed and telescopic handles are also available.


Vikan 12 Litre Bucket
VIK5686 – Vikan 12 Litre Bucket

A Vikan designed bucket with numerous features including bucket spout, unique pouring grip and a handle made of stainless steel. A separate colour coordinated lid to protect ingredients is also available.

Please contact our office in order to obtain the complete catalogue of Vikan products including the list of colours available for each item. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to the exclusive Vikan Hygiene System and how it can benefit your facility.

Bouffant Caps

Non-woven cloth-like white Bouffant Caps with elastic band for a snap-on fit are an economical alternative for covering hair in kitchen or food service areas.

 CODE             SIZE
HAT119    18” MEDIUM
HAT121    21” LARGE

Bouffant caps are also available in rayon or in various colours to help control the flow of staff or visitors within a facility.


Safety, comfort and sanitation are satisfied with these effective hairnets, packaged 144 per box. Available in white from stock. Brown or black are available as a special order product.

 CODE             SIZE
HAT219    19” MEDIUM
HAT220    20” LARGE
HAT221    21” XLARGE
HAT222    22” XXLARGE
HAT224    24” XXXLARGE



Made of a white cloth-like non-woven fabric, these beard protectors are free-breathing, lint-free, anti-static and flame retardant. Also available in brown.

HAT550    Packaged 100 pieces per bag, 10 bags per case.



SHO700    Blue slip-on shoe covers, 500 pieces per case.
SHO717    Tyvek shoe covers, 200 pieces per case.

We also supply a large variety of Tyvek garments, plastic aprons and labcoats.
Please call with your requirements.



In addition to offering a safe, non-slip surface that greatly reduces the risk of falls, ergonomic mats, due to a mixture of softness and support, reduce fatigue for those who work in a standing position.

Softness: allows for proper weight distribution while reducing the impact on the joints, allowing more natural positioning and reducing the stress on pressure points.

Support: provides resilience and bounce. As the worker’s foot presses into the mat, the matting pushes back against the foot enabling a flow of return-energy to the worker.

Wet Environment: requires the use of a drainage system to allow the fluid to escape and prevent the risk of falls.



Dry Environment: This type of environment allows the use of supple mats, for example PVC foam, which provides excellent support against muscular fatigue.