Canmill Microfibre Wipers are causing a revolution in the cleaning industry. First invented in Japan 30 years ago for the sports apparel market, a microfibre is less than 0.1 denier. One denier is the density of a thread having a mass of 1 gram per 9 kilometers of length. Free of silicone, Canmill Microfibre Wipers are made of a mixture of 20% polyamide, a byproduct of nylon, and 80% polyester. The polyamide fibres offer maximum absorbency while the polyester fibres provide an aggressive scrubbing surface. Canmill Microfibre Wipers are manufactured with the edges sealed with a polyester tape prior to being hemmed in order to prevent fraying.

Produced by the splitting, washing and drying of the fibres, microfibres have thousands of small branches that split off from the main trunk of the fibre. The dirt is caught and held in the crevices between the branches without the use of expensive or hazardous cleaning chemicals and is held until the cloth is washed. Canmill Microfibre Wipers are strong yet resilient and can be washed repeatedly with no deterioration in their performance. The cloths are non-abrasive, virtually lint free and have an exceptional ability to absorb water and oil. Use them dry, as a superior dusting cloth or wet, as a powerful cleaning cloth. They are 40 cm x 40 cm (16” x 16”) in size. Canmill Microfibre Wipers are available in four colours in order to prevent cross-contamination.

The suggested system, based upon the Global Colour Code Guidelines, is:

WIP7000R Pink for use in high risk contamination areas as such as toilets, urinals and showers
WIP7000Y Yellow for use in specialty cleaning such as labs
WIP7000G Green for use in kitchens and food service areas
WIP7000B Blue for use in low risk areas and for general cleaning and dusting outside of kitchens and restrooms

Also available in a more economical 35 cm x 35 cm (14” x 14”) size:

WIP6000R Pink
WIP6000G Green
WIP6000B Blue
WIP6000Y Yellow