Terry Towels

First Quality White Towels:

First Quality White Towels are offered by health clubs, motels and golf clubs as a service to their clients for use at the pool, in athletic facilities and in the club house.  Completely hemmed and available in several weights and sizes, these superior quality towels are an added feature which members appreciate and for which they are willing to pay the nominal cost involved.  The excellent quality of these towels allows for repeated washing without significant fraying or tears.  These towels are offered by the dozen.

                WIP800    “P” Bar Wipes       15" x 18"
                WIP805    “P” Hand Towels   15" x 25"
                WIP808    “P” Bath Towels    16" x 27"
                WIP810    “P” Bath Towels    22" x 44"
                WIP812    “P” Bath Towels    24" x 48"

No Nap “P” Kitchen Towels (WIP820):

A new, hemmed white towel with a coloured stripe, these towels are 15" x 25" in size.  Useful as a towel or as a wiper where absorption and strength are requirements but price is an issue.  These towels are offered by the dozen.

New White “P” Terry Wipers (WIP850):

Ideal for restaurants, bars as well as industrial applications where the strength and  absorbency, of a towel are required, these long-lasting hemmed towels can be washed again and again.  These low nap towels, approximately 15" x 18" in size, offer all the benefits of a First Quality Towel but at a fraction of the cost.  These towels are offered by the pound.

New White Towel Pieces — Seconds (WIP860):

A heavier nap and weight makes these bath towels, cut approximately in half, ideal for the most demanding industrial tasks.  Strong, soft and absorbent with no possibility of buttons or hooks to damage machinery, this is a premium wiping product.  These towels are offered by the pound.

New Coloured Towel Pieces — Seconds (WIP870):

Made from North American Bath Towels cut approximately in thirds, this grade is a more economical version of the previous item.  Strong, soft, absorbent and resilient, these towels are recommended for any industrial application.  These towels are offered by the pound.