New Textiles

“SKL” Washed Polishing Cheesecloth (WIP100):

An unbleached open cheesecloth, “SKL” is the ideal product for any application where stain or finish is to be applied.  This superior product is extremely soft and absorbent.

“PG” Washed Cheesecloth (WIP110):

A very soft and absorbent wiping cloth primarily used in the furniture and picture fame industry.  This product is a tighter weave than “SKL”.

New White Washed Cotton Knit (WIP120):

An excellent cotton wiper, soft enough for fine polishing yet strong enough to be reused again and again, this cloth is the ultimate in wiping cloths.  A very low lint wiper, it is ideal for applications where a consistently high quality cloth wiper is required

Washed Unbleached “NW” Balbriggan (WIP130):

A premium, ultra soft knit white duster.

New Yellow Flannel (WIP180):                

A hemmed all cotton wiper which is ideal for general cleaning and dusting applications                

Gauze Cheesecloth:

Gauze Cheesecloth is primarily a food service item used in restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens, food manufacturing plants, wineries, etc.  It also has various uses in facilities using paints and stains as both a straining cloth or as a wiper.  It is available in 100 yard bolts, 36" wide doublefold in the following grades:

                GCC200    Grade #20    (19 x 15)            
                GCC600    Grade #60    (32 x 28)
                GCC900    Grade #90    (44 x 36)

We also have the following grades available in ready to use three yard pieces packed in individual bags:

                GCC32012      20 x 12
                GCC3812        8 x 12

Rumplecloth (GCC4455):

Used in special applications for finishing the finest woodworking, Rumplecloth is available in rolls of 20" pieces, 100 pieces per roll.